03 June 2010

youth 10!

did you guys went there!
most of the people that went there give such a good responds!
it's awesome!
i went there on the second day of the festival,saturday
because on that day my parents are out to the kampong
so, im FREE!!

went to PWTC with emi,nad & cah
my brother sent us at the ktm segambut
it was 10.00 am i think :)

as we reach ktm putra
we have to walk for a "short" distance
to reach the pwtc

when we get in.
we went to the counter to get our tickets.
then we get our "youth 10 tattoo"
haha :P

when we first enter
there was a "red carpet"
our first stop was at the libress booth
we enter to competition just to get
those free gift

"we rock" pose.

"we ♥ gaga" pose.

so damn gedik?
nope! you're wrong
we're just having fun :)

i noticed that people was watching us because of our
"words & pose"
which means that gaga is loved by everyone :)

then we stop at the rakan muda booth
there were snakes, scorpions, and much more!
then we keep on walking
and meet the blue monster!

and we also meet aishah sinclair!
she's so cute
plus with those baby bumps ^^

me and cah even had our face coloured
i mean drawn :P
it was so ugly
i think a baby can draw much nicer

we walk through the
sports festival,
music festival,
dance festival,
shopping festival,
art festival..
it was awesome!!

i was so sad because i didnt make it
to watch the showdown show there
no luck i guess?

then we had our lunch at mcd
i love mcd

while waiting for emi and nad to perform prayers
we went back to pwtc
to check out if those showdown crew was still there
but it look like they have gone to the dance festival
i didnt went there because i'm tired and
i dont want cah to have trouble just for me
(haha, baik tak?)
so we went shopping again
at the shopping bazar
at the pwtc entrance
then when we want to walk
to the mall,
the rain came down
owh my!

then we decided to wait until 5.00 pm to went back home
because only then my brothers will aslo beck from his
primary school reunion.
while waiting
emi "belanja" us starbucks!
rm 12.00 per-person
so "cheap" huh?
tq emi :)

when the time come
we walk to the ktm
and wait for the train
it was so packed!
that the train was so damn slow!
when we reach ktm segambut
we wait for a while till emi's dad came
and talk
and laugh
and smile
i'm so happy
and people was watching us like crazy
that's cool huh?

1 comment:

Melati Shaari said...

youth 10
u pegi ehh..~
tgk battle of the band tu tak :P

sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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