29 June 2010

i belive...

this is,
the road that you have choosen.
and there is no way,
for turning back...
so face the problems and move on.

stop crying.
stop those regrets.
stop the sadness
and start beliving.

dont you know?
through those harsh road of darkness..
nothing is gonna be easy..
but be strong.
and dont let go...

follow your heart,
that will lead you through the darkness,
to the place that you aim for..

follow your dreams,
be yourself,
and keep the trust
that there is nothing
that you cannot do...

belive in yourself
and one day,
those harsh road will lead you
to the wonderland of succes.

writen by: 'amirah
inspired by: il divo & celine dion
or perhaps

whatever lah kan..
bukannye hebat mane pon ^^
tq for readings

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