18 April 2010

another bad friday :(

kenape setiap hari jumaat je,
it must be the worst day ever?
but isnt it's supposed to be the "penghulu segala hari?"
ok, ape2 pon
so far, fridays is my bad luck day :(

16 april 2010
i was called to the bilik disiplin
i dont want to share the story here
sbb it's private and confidential kan?
(sempat lagi gelak tu)

but seriously..
if you're called twice to the bilik disiplin?
wont you fell crushed?
rase malu,
rase geram
rase marah?
im a typical teenager
im always moody, energetic, rebellious, think they know it all, selfish, irresponsible, promiscuous, insensitive, insecure and conforming.
well, for sure
and im not "bermuka-muka"
or seorang yg pandai berlakon baik

im bad
i have never said to puclic that im a good and nice girl!
if someone tell you that
wont you fell crushed?

bile time balik,
my sweet honey friends
ask me to tell them the story
i cried like hell when telling them the story..
ya, i know
i fell stupid but yet im glad that i tell them what did i feel
and they cried to..

owhh, i fell like kissing them that time
but, you know what will mulut org kate
lesbians la, x berakhlak la..

then sir(my teacher) called me and say a few good stuff
i love him as my teacher
he is such a father-y teacher..
tq sir

kebetulan my dad came
then sir say a few words to him
i dont know what did they talk about
but im glad that sir meet my dad that day
if not,
i dont know how to tell these stuff to my dad :(


moral of the story(em, kinda)
-perkara yg berlaku secara kebetulan is not a fairygodmother thing~
-dont be so dengki with others
-if you have migraine, dont cry a lot with an empty stomach!
-watch your words
-having such a warm friends is good :)
-taubat cepat

salam 1 malaysia,

1 comment:

Izdyhar said...

sygg..kuatkan diri okay?don't worry, people makes mistake..we all do..but the way we handle the mistake is different..so akk nak mira handle it dgn tabah yeh :) .and about cikgu2 yang marah2 mira ..biar je dorang ..they know nothing about you .but we( kawan2 mira and akk sendiri ) all know how great are you dear ..mira doa Allah tabahkan hati mira..it's a big test from Allah ..if you can face it then insya-Allah Allah makin sayang dekat mira . - kak iz

sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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