18 March 2010

super junior..

they are coming to malaysia!
like omg, it was super awesome..
but know what, the only ticket left by now,
will cost me rm4++.00 just to watch them..

like heaven..
i'll never buy it dude..
my ma n pa (emak n ayah, haha)
will kill me n give me 1 hour lecture(membebel)
if i even say those "please give me rm500 wil ya?"

no no no..
i better save those money for me to eat a lot..
better luck (and be more RICH) next time huh?

my first!!

*btw, i have just get my first super junior poster!
well, i kindda have it back then once..
but i kindly give it away becuse at that time,
im not one of their fans yet..
but now im..
im so happy :)

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sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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