28 January 2010

i love thights?!

last wednesday,
i went for a movie, with kak iz, kak aina and kak dayah..
it's THE TOOTHFAIRY movie..
its, fun..
because im not watching alone,
not laughing alone
and more..

the rock, which i dont know his real name..
looks damn cute wearing those pink and blue tights!!
funny at the same time..
because i use to watch him in WWF,
and now, watching him in thights, with wings!!

later in the nights,
i saw this videos on yt
check it out!!
justin timberlake is sooooo HOT!!
joe btw, look's like his on drug or something...
and his hips, looks like girl's hips..

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sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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