19 November 2009

ga ga oo la la! (bad romance_lady gaga)

p/s: under 18 not recommended ^^

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music video story:

1.The main idea behind the video is that of Gaga being kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her, and sell her off to the Russian mafia. It takes place in a white bathhouse.The video begins with Gaga sitting in a white throne, wearing a golden dress and glasses made from razor blades. She is surrounded by several people and her signature harlequin great dane. She has her finger on the mute button of an iPod speaker, and when she presses it, "Bad Romance" begins to play. Light begins to pan across the walls of a bath house, and a sign is shown that reads: "Bath Haus of GaGa".

2.A group of dancers wearing white long-sleeved leotards with knee high boots and matching crowns crawl out of white, egg-shaped pods. The center pod has the word "Monster" written on it, and Gaga emerges from it wearing a similar outfit to the dancers, who begin to dance behind her. When the chorus of the song begins, two women pull her out of a bathtub, rip her clothes off and force her to drink a glass of vodka. As the second verse begins, Gaga, wearing a diamond-covered outfit complete with a crown, seductively dances for a group of men bidding on her. She straddles one of the men and performs somewhat of a lap dance on him. Afterwards, he raises his bid and becomes the highest bidder for her.

3.When the chorus is played for the third time, Gaga is shown wearing a faux polar bear hide jacket. She walks toward the man, who is sitting on a bed, unbuttoning his shirt. Gaga has a look of indifference on her face and removes her jacket and sunglasses. Suddenly, the bed spontaneously combusts with the man still sitting on it.

4.The video ends with Gaga laying beside a smoldering skeleton on top of the destroyed bed with ashes everywhere. She smokes a cigarette, while her pyrotechnic bra goes off.

for fashion lovers!

can you see it?
amazing, accept for the 2nd last ><

i love it!!
love the make-up effect.
love the part when she look like a monster,
her eyes look so very the big! ^^
the shoes, cloth, glasses(razor blades? awww, so cool!)
the part where she cry and stuff
ga-ga-oo-la-la part, sound fun ^^
nicely AWESOMELY done, good job gaga!!


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