17 November 2009

atikah-she cry when i left.

as the only daugther,
im really addicted to kids
girls la mostly
and they love me too ^^

last sunday,
i went to my aunty house
just for that day
my adk sepupu, still ingat me!
terharu sungguh ^^

sampai2 pkl 3
dr pukul 3.30
sampai 7 mlm,
me and sepupu2(girls only)
we play,run,walk,laugh,eat and everything la
me is the oldest
kakak diorang busy dgn tuttt die,
hahaha -sorry nurul huda(>_<)

ble time nk balik tu atika nanges kuat2, terharu sekali lagi!
pape pon, mgu depan jumpe die lagi!
sampai abes cuti :D

'amirah :)

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sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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