16 October 2009

when korean sing english songs....

just tgk2 galaxieblog.com.my
and find this article about a video
in the video, a guy(korean) attemps to sing mariah's TOUCH MY BODY

as i search more of his videos

Kim Dong Won (tuts meh barreh guy)-his name??

words that he say which sounds like:
if there is a camel up the hill

asbestos flaygon
if you run your mother will breaks a bottle
tuts meh barreh
know you love my cock?!
and many more..

it was so damn freekin funny
plus with his freekin gay/pondan voice and movement!
check it out, and many other video that he's in!

p/s: cant sleep and try to make my self smile and no cry

ily nabil

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terima kasih :)

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