15 October 2009

his name is nabil

at school people laugh

when i told them
my cat name is nabil
so what?
i just love him
more than i love human

some people gossip that i had a crush
on one boy at school
because his name is nabil to
i just laugh
well my nabil is much handsome than him

i love my nabil
but its useless now
i should have wrote this
before that thing
happens today

that man that cause it
i hope he died the same way
or maybe his beloved person
and better when it happens
i watch it with my own eyes
and i will do nothing
just the same way he/she did it!!

maybe you think im crazy
or just to emotional
this is love
love that can makes you cry and do anything
even crime...


i get of from the car
run to his body
blood all over him
but his body is still warm
just cry and hold him there
asking god, to wake him up

1 comment:

emi_mohd said...

jgn sedih2
allah syg nabil sgt sgt sgt
sbb tu allah amek nabil cepat2
dont cry ok
nnti nabil x tenang kat syurga sbb girlfriend dia nanges
smile for me dear :)

sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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