17 October 2009

neighbours WAR!!

left,right,back and front neighbours
about 40% of the are indians
(my left,right,back house- same juge)
tomorrow they are celebrating DEPAVALI

since they dont really balik kampong like malay do
(kampong diorang kl je)
so they selebrate it here...

and me!
in my room!
fells like living in the the middle of war!

fire work is every where!!
the sound,
so damn loud man!
now its 12.00 a.m.
and the sound is getting louder!

i cant sleep :(
so ya, sleeping late again for tonight

p/s: kenape bile time raya,
bnyak budak cedere or cacat pasal mercon,
tp time depavali ngan chinese new year,
x de pon penah dengar kes2 sedemikian??
why la...

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terima kasih :)

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