25 October 2009


my new addiction!!
sharing some of it with you :)


you guys must watch this!!

for this, im going to the movie this week!


hunting this after the exam is over!!

megan fox!!


Anonymous said...

G-FORCE comel gile tahuuu ><
TSUNAMI all in one!must watch :D
MEATBALLS hmm, x best kot hehe :P
2012 mira,nad afta exm kite serbu ok! ;)
JENNIFER'S BODY ni 18PL la wei haha xD

'amirah said...

stuju pasal tsunami tuh!!

ok2, abes exam kite hunt 2012,
kau belanja tau!! haha

18PL ea? tak pe, aku boleh masok :D

meetballs, no comment!
aku kene tgk dulu

effa said...

Wee, Foxy Megan! Hehe havent watched the movie. Some of my buds hv but all of them gave bad reviews. Huu is it that bad? Idk, but who cares? Im a fan, so imma watch it! And imma enjoy every moment of it, especially the megan moments :) Walawehh! Tp kwn sy ckp Jens Body tu byk CUT CUT, so ive made my decision, ill wait for the dvd je. Hehe why? Well, becoz ill get to enjoy watching the movie without any CUT CUT stuff. Humph,thanks fr being my follower :)

sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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