09 August 2009

LOVE your BODY my friend!! [ part 3]

part 3.


S: solitude. Spend more timeevery morning on your own. Go for a jog or solat subuh & "bace al-Quran" for the muslim or simply have a nice breakfast. It's a great way to centre yourself.

O: open up. Make connection with positive people. Share your hopes and dreams with them. Such relationships will go along way in building you up.

U: understand. Show care and understanding to someone. A small of kindness will brighten up someone's day and even your own!

L: listen. music is theraoeutic for the soul. A happy song boosts spirits, a great beat gets your feet tapping! LIsten to the "ayat2 al-quran" is the best for the muslim and every one. try it out and may you and your soul be in peace. :)



Izdyhar said...

maybe after this akk kne bnyk dgr ayat2 quran .
asyek dgn hardcore je .
sakit otak jugak kdg2 .hee :)
good advices syg :D
dah lame tak chat2 ngn mira an :)

'amirah said...

same la kite kak iz!!

miss kak iz!!!

Izdyhar said...

hee :P
tu ah sakit otak an xD

miss amirah juge :D
jgn lupe akk aw xD

'amirah said...

insyaallah x kan...
kak iz senior form5 no 1 yg mira kenal and wont forget la!!

b'day akak x tau la nak kasi ape.
buat sendiri boleh??

sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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