09 June 2009

miserable days...

Remember Pictures, Images and Photos


  • why does my holiday this time is so miserable?
  • why cant my family go for holiday like others does?
  • why am i jealous of my friend while they are happy spending time with their family?
  • why does my mom always busy working?
  • why does she always tired?
  • why cant i help her?
  • why does i always cause trouble?
  • why do i smile although im hurt n sad?
  • why am i so miserable?
  • why im not thankfull for what i have??
  • why does i always give poeple but never get anything??
  • maybe...

this is my fate. can it change?


if it can, how??

and if it can't, why??

only god know that!!
only he know why, and how...

*ya allah ampunilah dosa ku, ampuni dosa kedua ibu bapa ku dan kasihanilah mereka sebagaimana mereka menyayangi diri ini. murahkan rezeki mereka n kurniakan kesihatan tubuh badan kpd mereka.

ya allah, ampuni juga dosa rakan2 ku dan jauhkan hubungan persahabatan ini drpd berakhir. sedarkan jika ade kisilapan telah ku lakukan agar tidak mengguris hati mereka, amin..


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