20 May 2011

new "boyfriend"!!

used to be their fan a longggg time ago.
time tu aku form 2 or 3 kot..
time aku gile2 tampal poster from galaxie magazine.
HAHA, old times..

now, i'm so loving them, AGAIN!!
they used to be 4, but now i can only see 2 of them, brendon and spencer
nah, what ever~
yg penting aku suke lagu baru & brandon urie!!!
man, you're one handsome guy brandon
walaupon aku x tau sama ada die gay atau straight..
who cares, >.<
bulan ini, he's the one.
next month, aku tuka yg lain~ 


sebenarnye, muke brandon ni reminds me of someone
someone yg aku pon x tau sape...
but, that someone is special...

who are you "someone"?

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sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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