10 January 2011

tag! by aty comel :)

ditag oleh aty comel!
kawan baru.
tq tag ye aty, sweet gile la..
nah hadiah

ok, sekarang aku tag
kak melati
nina comel
huda kamal
dan semua yg mempunyai masa lapang utk tag ini

Name : orang asli/ MIRA

Full Name : nur' amirah bt abu bakar

Siblings : 3 orang (minus yg telah tiada)

Eye colour : pink :D

Shoe size : 7/8 (besar kan :P)

Hair : Hitam. (saya org melayu & colour rambot itu HARAM)

Height : 16+ cm kot~ ntah, tapi rase macam b'tambah tinggi dah, hahahaha :P

What are you wearing right now : kain batik hitam yg rock itu, baju kurung kedah yg comel, dan bahagian dalam(colour?)

Where do you live : segambut, kuala lumpurrr

Favourite number : 7. the great number seven :D

Favourite drink : teh ais, neslo(yum3!)

Favourite month : july <3

Favourite breakfast : macam aty juge, saya breakfast akan angin je :)

= Have you ever =

Broken a bone : tidak. jap, gigi pon tulang kan/ke?

Been in a police car : nope, but wait.. trak polis dikira?(main kejar2 dgn jiran. bapak die polis )

Fallen for a friend : pernah, for sure. paling sweet time tadika. siap nangis2 bile die pindah. haha

Fallen for a guy / girl in a short period of time : yup! selalu, apabila hanya melihat paras rupa :P

Broken someone's heart : :(

Cried when someone died : jap, x ingat..

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : saya bukan sejenis dgn monyet yg suke bergayot :)

Saved e-mail : someone punye? dudu time jahil selalu la ;p

Been cheated on :
puppy love.

= What =

Your room look like : my room la :P

What is right beside you : a wall. pink

What is the last thing u ate : fried banana

= Ever had =

Chicken pox : nope :)

Sore throat : have been a while.

Stitches : nope :))

Broken nose : HELL NO. hidung ni la satu2 nye harta saya. ;p

= Do you =

Believe in love at first sight : no comment

Like picnic : yup.miss having one with the whole family :(

= Who =

Who did you last yell at : everyone.

Who was the last person you danced with : muhammad ------ . tetttt :D

Who last made you smile : you mean, really2 smile? haha. HIM

= Final Question =

What are you listening to right now?
ATY's blog song. comel lagu tu, mcm aty :D

What did you do today?
went to bota, perak. ngorat budak skolah agama sultan azlan shah and abg2 student baru, mandi, texting <3

Are you the oldest?
oldest, no.

Indoor or Outdoor?
both :D (indoor, tido. outdoor, shooping)

= Today did you =

Talk to someone you like?
Yes. :)

Kiss anyone?
sureee, my mom,dad, and little ika <3

yup. mahir zain, all the way in the car :P

Talk to ex?
why should i? he's a dumb ass! :P

Miss Someone?
my mommm :(

dinner? belom & malas :P

= Last person who =

You talked to the phone : ?
my mom :(

Made you cry ?
my mom :(

Went to the movies with ?
nobody. i went alone :)

You went to the mall with ?
the girls.

Who cheered you up ?
my self :)

= Have you =

Been to Mexico?

Been to USA?

= Random =

Have a crush on someone?
brubo mars, travie mcoy, and the list keep on going.

What books are you reading right now?
sy dah lame x membace. minggu lepas last, buku oren utk driving tu:D

Best feeling in the world?
numb. haha

Future kids name?
anak 1. anak2. anak 7

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
if stuffed animal = bantal pelok, then the answer is yess

What's under your bed?

Favourite sport(s)?
badmintooonnn, snooker, sleeping :)

Favourite place?
book store! weird huh? :P

Who do you really hate?
yg bermuka2 di hadapan, bertahi2 di belakang.

Do you have a job?
nope(not yet). and, if i do so. there is no need to say about your gaji and stuff.. mak kate allah x suke.. kalau kene rompak/ragut.. tanggung la.

What time is right now?
9.51 pm(waktu malaysia)

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Melati Shaari said...

thanks tag kita!~

sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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