25 December 2010


spending the month of december, the big no.12, at my aunt house..
eat,eat,poop,eat,play,poopagain, etc...
it's fun
cause i'll be having this chance to feel the chaos of having more than just 2 brother..
chaos, is totally fun.
fight,cry, bully, eat, laugh out loud, girl's night&out with sisters :)
ahhhh, it all make me smile out wide!!

yet, the month of december will left this long lasting memory
when my opah(cute people language-> grandmother) had an excident!
nahh, not car excident...
my opah aint liker those rock star granies that drive cars on their on...
my opah is this normal yet still awesome 75 years old lady that live a simple malay kampong livestyle :)
cool huh?
i know!!

back to my storyyyy,
my opah broke her right kanan left hand...
she had to suffer when the doctors put on white heavy stone kindda stuff(simens) to her
owhhh, that sure is a huge pain for an old lady like her to handle.
i mean, yaaa..
it hurts!!
++, i heard that the simmen was not done correctly.
which, cause my opah, to suffer more...
poor her :(((

wanna know one fact that's kindda funny yet no comment
my opah fell at a clinic. and later she was brought to the hospital.
she went to the clinic for her normal like check-up at a "klinik kesihatan"
well, that's where you get free drugs medicine supply every month if you're an old-folks and live in a village (KOTTT :p)
LATER, after she is done with check up, she wait outside of the clinic while my cute aunty go fetch her car and drive towards her.
in just a blink of my eye, she fell down :(((

next think i know...
my brother said to me to delay the go-out-and-shopping-plan.
because my opah axcident laaaa..

and now,
the operation is done
not sure with how long will my opah stay at the hospital
i'll take turn with my aunty(+s) and cousins
taking care of her.
pray for her recovery :)
and dont forget to pray for me to...
for good result of spm of course..

with just 6 days more counting for december and the year of 2010..
will try to fill it with good and fun stuff/activities
driving class,eat,poop,shopping,watchdisneychannel...
ok, bye..

peace no war.
english is fun when you do a lot of error in spelling and grammar

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David

sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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