15 July 2010

a change after makeover.

my comment:
  • she did a boobs job(da! it was so obvious)
  • blond is so not her colour! TETTTT(sound of rejection, haha)
  • and ya, she look like a mak nyah.=='

my comment:
  • aww, she look kinda hot after the makeover.
  • the makeover was not far too much like the first picture.

my comment:
  • did she just have a nose work? (plastic surgery)
  • hurm, ok lah~
  • hair colour shouldn't be change though.

my comment:
  • that for sure is a wig(rambot palsu). hahaha!
  • did she tanned her skin? cause she look like she does.
  • exposing boobs are "wajib" in every makeover huh?

my comment:
  • aww! she is so cute!
  • the whole makeover suits her well!
  • cute dress too ^^
  • she smile just like me. hahaha(masok bakul angkat sendiri)

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sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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