17 June 2010

the holiday..

i have been here in my aunts house in perak for the whole school holiday..
it was fun :)
  • the food is yummy(weight + 1 kg now)
  • the cousins are the BOMB!
  • im so relaxed
  • i didn't do any homework (rajennyeee)
  • i eat a lot! (hahaha ^^)
last weekends(sunday, 13 jun)
i went to teluk batik,perak(near lumut)
it was awesome!!
my aunt's school friend came along with her little boys and girls...
  1. abang olan(nublan)
  2. along(nabhan)
  3. angah(nazhan)
  4. kakak(lisa)
  5. nana
along,angah & kakak were triplets..
but not identical..

along (his scars make him look so handsome & strong ^^)

angah (he's cute and gedik and happy and fun)

kakak / lisa (she is cute and montel )

abang olan is the eldest brother...
he didnt prefer to be called along(which means the eldest)
but he preferd to be called abang olan, the short for his name nublan
and he loves to tell story about his friend,
calling him NUBHAN the not so popular singer (hahaha ^^)
sungguh poyo

nana(she is not so cute, but comel)
die xde gigi depan
hahaha :D

this brothers and sisters..
the totally love to ask questions!
tanye itu.
tanye ini..
macam2 lah yg diorang tanye

mase mandi laut:
mane mate obor tuh?
mcm mane diorang boleh gigit?
kalau diorang x de gigi mcm mane boleh gigit?
kenape die sengat org yg mandi laut nih?
macam mane obor tuh terbentuk?
kenape die sengat sakit?
mcm mane pulak obor ade eletrik?

mase tgk lembu:
kenape lembu tu ade kat situ?
kenape lembu tuh pakai loceng?
kenape ade burung belakang lembu tuh?
itu lembu ke, bukan kerbau

masa jalan tepi semak:
ade ke ular kat situ?
kenape kawasan perumahan nih ade semak?
anaconda tuh dah pupus ke?
macam mane ea anaconda tuh besar?
mcm mane ea anaconda tuh boleh pupus?
sape yg buat diorang mati?

dan di ikuti dengan pelbagai lagi soalan..
amat pintar anak2 ini ^^
aku pon dah naik jelik nak jawab :P


you know,
this holiday..
i have so much fun!
i have never laught and smile and feel so darn happy
as i'm during this holiday..
but, as my adik came here on the second week of holiday...
everything changes


ok, now.
enjoy some pictures
that was taken during this two week holiday ^^

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