04 June 2010

b'day EMI!


my best friend since form 1
my friend since pre-school
my neighbour since baby

2nd june 2010
she's 17 years young :)

 my first b'day present was
set up a "fan page" for her
she have got 50 over fans 
im glad that it works

when she receive it on the night before her b'day
she is kindda MALU because
i dont even know why?

the next day
after school 
we celebrate 
eat up some cake
have a bowling game
and bla3
enjoy the picture by the photographer JIE
&and some were taken by others

JIE (azizi)


haha :P

drunk after drinking some lime juice

patung berhala ??

bowling time!!


b'day present sile tunggu ye
masih dalam pembikinan!
salam 1 malaysia

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sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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