06 April 2010

the fun of a treadmill..

(6 april, 11.44 pm)
i know im sick by now..
but i just cant terbaring je atas katil itu..
sudah puas tido petang tadi..
and now, i cant fall asleep
perot pon tgh buat music hip hop die...
asyik buat aku pegi tandas je hari nih =='

ok, end of the pok pek hari ni
back to my post tittle..
the fun of a treadmill.
almost all the time, going on a treadmill is so damn suffering(77%)
you'll get tired, just like those BIGGEST LOSER guys on tv.
but this video that i wanna share with you
will make you wanna try a diffrent ways of using your treadmill..
enjoy :)

click here


fun ea?
good luck trying :)


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sile ambil no anda..
terima kasih :)

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