31 March 2010

glasses saye :(

my glasses kini sudah condong
10° anti-clockwise(still remember my math stuff) kesengetannya
owh mann,
sangat terok la...
i slept on it last night..
tak sengaja la :'(

but still
i wont buy a new one.
if i dont buy it now..
mommy say,
i can buy yg lebih mahal punye next year..
*this glasses im wearing is almost 3.
and 3 is a very2 big number
haha, im good in math.
save the best for the future
(the glasses will look like the one that domo's wearing,cool)

i'll try me best to undo the kecondongan
will repair sendiri(kedekut ke?)

i ♥ this!
100% suitable for girls with hijab, awesomee
converse, terbaikk!!
abaikan rokok itu, smoking is bad!
click this guys..

glasses indigenous

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terima kasih :)

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