26 February 2010

i'm a human. am i?

have you watch this video before? i first watch it on the oprah winfrey show..
from this video, i wanna tell you, a story, may i?

i use to have a best friend, a cat..
his name is nabil...
i tookcare of him since he was a little kitten..
i played with him, kiss him, sleep with him, give him a shower,
but, when i reached 16, i kindda change a little..
or maybe a lot..

i start to ignored him..
dont even care about him..
and he changed to..
maybe because his new born brothers and sister came along
he get jelous...
but still, i love him very much at that time..
but i just cant show him..
i dont even know why...

but, one afternoon..
when i came back from school..
i saw him...
there, by the road...
blood is all over him..
his body is still warm..
i sit there, crying...

since that time until presence..
i never want to have a cat anymore..
yes, there is cat at home, but only my parents love them and feed them and stuff..
to me, they are not mine..
and i dont want to have anymore cats..
because nabil is still here with me...
i can still feel him warm..
dead body during the time i hold him that day...

*when people were so crazy singing love song for their partner..
i sing it for him, yeah..
sound like a mad2 girl right :')

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