27 December 2009

wish comes true?

ln thursday,
while i was looking at the lady gaga poster in my room,
i wander..
why does i have never watch lady gaga perform on tv?
like, not even once?

then on friday night,
which is the day of christmas..
i stay late at night to watch tv...
there's AMA 2009..
it was awesome!

but, the award winners..
sometime i didnt agree that SHE got it...
she just won to much..

a little bit sleepy,
i went to the kitchen to get something to drink..
then, the bad romance music play..
it's GAGA!

it was awesome!
the best 5 mnt ever!!
i suddenly make this weird sound,
which i dont even know what is it..
sound of excitement perhaps...

then my mom said " are you nuts?"
or the malayu version...
"ape kene kau ni ngah? tgh2 malam ni memekak? mabok ke ape?"
hahaha.. i just laugh and continue making that weird sound..
but a little bit slower :P

the gaga performance was, a speechless respond..
she was 100% unique..
she do it her way
and do it well!

did santa just came or what?
haha, nope!
i guess friday is a lucky day for me :D

'amirah :)

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