26 October 2009

bUttON RAWK production :D

i start a small "jual2" stuff
starting this month
at school
dapat la untung sket..
bleh la buat blanje shopping2

me jual gelang tangan button la..
cantik n cute utk teenagers n budak2!
harga berpatutan(rm3.50-rm7.50)
you can pick the button colour and the price will still remain the same!
wanna buy or mau tanye ape2?
sms la ea- 0172186248
tp through facebook is better la :D

here are some of the picture examples:

gelang button yg dah siap!


one of the button(ade bnyk jenis button lagi)

colour pilihan sendiri (jenis ni rm 5.50)

harga ttp same(jenis ni rm5.50)


jenis ni rm3.50 je

budak cari duit poket :D

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terima kasih :)

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